Our BOLD Vision for Young People

We know that what we do really works! Outdoor Residentials which go beyond the surface: taking young people outside of their comfort zone to a place where they can freely grow, learn and develop. These opportunities can raise their self-esteem, confidence and aspirations to improve experience in school as well as their employment and life choices going forward. We believe that our programmes contribute to narrowing the social inequalities that currently exist locally; social mobility has to start somewhere and setting young people off on the right track is a major contributing factor to their personal development. Let’s get working together to shape and deliver a credible and effective Outdoor Learning programme…

activity provider sheffieldWhat makes BOLD Adventures the Best Choice?

  • Based Nearby to Local Schools
  • Familiar with local demographics and social challenges
  • Experienced and Passionate Leaders putting Young People First
  • Activities close by in the Peak District = Low Transport Cost
  • Staff easy to recall as only 30 minutes away
  • Learners can be withdrawn easily owing to close proximity of venue
  • Learners can join the delivery easier if late, delayed or otherwise

We are a ‘thrills, not frills’ provider: all of your time and expense goes towards giving your learners useful, tangible learning and skills-based outcomes that will help them in all aspects of life.

The BOLD Experience

Come and learn to appreciate the true value of Sheffield, the Outdoor City. We are blessed with the awesome Peak District National Park right on our doorstep, full of opportunities to engage with one another in nature. The background and experiences held by our Leaders makes them ideal role models to work with students that have educational or behavioural difficulties. The Residential Experience can transform these individuals – in the context of fun, physical activities we get them to calm their worries, engage with their tasks and begin to take on our positive motivation and values:


Outdoor education is often just what these students need to get a fresh start in school and develop to their full potential. Our talented leaders provide excellent behavioural advice and inspire learners to use their initiative, work together and aspire for success. Older pupils will appreciate how our leaders contextualise skills for real life and work situations.

How we work with you

All single day Activities and Residentials can easily be tailor-made to suit the needs, interests and abilities of the participants. We welcome further discussion on the exact details regarding dates, timings, numbers, locations and pricings to put together a bespoke package perfect to meet your needs. Being a small yet capable provider allows us to be flexible and responsive, ensuring that every aspect of your experience fits with your expectation.

Primary schools – ‘When you go down to the woods today…’

You’re in for a BOLD Adventure!

south yorkshire nature tripWe offer brilliant opportunities for your younger learners to come and experience a morning or afternoon in the Woods with our Leaders. We have created a programme of incredible outdoor activity days all about getting young people out to engage with each other and their surroundings. We are blessed with many exciting yet unfamiliar natural areas right on our doorstep, offering healthy, interactive activities to complement those covered in the classroom. Let your pupils find their feet in a fresh environment, with new chances to pick up great skills and knowledge under our relaxed, professional supervision. We tailor our packages to suit their learning needs, giving them a brilliant chance to explore, discover and take away our positive vision emphasising team work, courage and respect.

Our experienced leaders cover a range of hands-on activities that get the most out of the surroundings and young people. We use tranquil woodlands surrounding Yorkshire reservoir venues, contributing to the appreciation and management of our environment through small-scale conservation tasks.

Many of these exercises map onto the National Curriculum, giving brilliant fieldwork knowledge which can be applied in the classroom. We emphasise the importance of education in life, relating outside experience back to school where you may be covering similar themes. BOLD Adventures make an excellent addition to the typical school delivery.

Adventure Residentials and Days Out

For students at KS2 or KS3 we can also deliver an action-packed taster of our legendary Activity Week!

This includes weaselling, bouldering, a woodland discovery walk, bushcraft skills and teambuilding games. These sessions are designed to give a thrilling outdoor experience, whilst also help address classroom issues and meet staff needs in transforming and developing individuals. Our talented leaders provide excellent behavioural advice and inspire learners to use their initiative, work together and aspire for success. Older pupils will appreciate how our leaders contextualise skills for real life situations.

These activities also support the National Curriculum, especially in the areas of Science, Geography, Art/Creativity, Health & Social skills, English and Maths.

activity climbing abseil group class residential

Terms and Conditions (including Insurance details, Booking procedure and Privacy policy)

Do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries, either by calling  0114 4181 464 or emailing info@boldadventures.co.uk