Residential Packages for Business and Industry

Corporate Packages for your Employee Reward or Health & Wellbeing schemes.

The provision: teambuilding, personal training and ‘recognition and reward’ for employees

Employee Reward

A residential package of a few days to reward managers or high-performing employees for excellent performance in the form of a trip away to show that the company cares about their effort, success and wellbeing. For example, send 6 of your recent top salespeople for local fly fishing experience. We provide everything – accommodation, food, transport, instruction, equipment, personal mentoring and development activities.

fly fishing residential

Health and Wellbeing

Get away from the workplace for a few days in a healthy, nourishing environment. Surrounded by our positive leaders and the Great Outdoors, our fun and engaging group activities could be exactly what you need to relax, refresh and re-energise. Based in the scenic Peak District countryside, get a breath of fresh air learning outdoor skills like bushcraft, fly fishing or conservation. Built into the course are useful teamwork and problem-solving inputs to make sure everyone gets the most out of the experience and returns to work feeling inspired and improved.

Reflect on your lifestyle and get some new ideas on how to live healthy. Exercise is a proven feel-good factor, as is spending time outdoors! You’ll leave with a spring in your step that lasts long after you return to the office.

relaxing therapy outdoor activity

Both of these residentials really help employees to improve in key areas such as communication, trust, problem solving and self-confidence. If there are any particular areas to be worked on we can tailor the course to develop these as desired, with specific tasks and challenges. Our experience over the years working with various groups shows that we provide tangible results!

Residentials we can offer include (but not limited to):

  • Fly Fishing experience
  • Multi-Activity outdoor adventures
  • Mountain Biking
  • Survival and Bushcraft skills