Community Interest in People and Groups

The BOLD Community Interest

We intended this setup initially to assist in us drawing relevant funding for Capital Investment and refurbishment works on the Porter’s Lodge Bunkhouse project. From this starting point we hope to attract appropriate funding to deliver a variety of free or low cost activities to a range of users from the community as well as further afield. We aspire to raise self-esteem in young people nationwide as well as assisting National initiatives with mental health awareness and PTSD recognition in Serving members of HM Forces, Veterans or dependants.

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Can your business get involved?

Any organisations that see us as a worthy benefitting group to receive financial contributions or associated equipment(s) that may be in their speciality or business delivery area would be greatly welcomed and appreciated. Being a small provider any donations you can make can have a huge impact on our ability to engage those in need with effective and rewarding activities.

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Community Impact from the Ground Up

Our work ranges from simple to sublime. We do Social Impact Initiatives such as litter picks, moving shrubbery, planting trees as well as repairing or clearing tracks and walls. We’ve been involved on a few occasions helping a local Residential Care home in the area, bringing in young people to meet residents as well as gaining another perspective of older people and illnesses or conditions present in elderly people. Some of our biggest effects are harder to measure but arguably more profound: energising the people of Bolsterstone with the smiling, conscientious young people we’re proud to have on our courses, or creating turning points in the lives of those who’ve struggled to progress with school, sport or mental health.

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